About Us

At BH Bespoke we create mini bars of various designs and layout, within Jerry Cans.  These mini bars take two main forms, wooden internal insert and foam internal insert. Each mini bar layout is tailored to accommodate various beverages (bottles/cans/optics), glasses and other accessories. 

We began creating mini bars as a hobby and for friends and family in 2014; with BH Bespoke developing into its current form in the summer of 2016, after lots of enquiries from people wanting to purchase them. 

As well as mini bars, we have created a variety of other cans, including ones for 'Land Rover' recovery equipment, tool storage and a 'War Hammer' figurine carry case.

Our cans have made it as far as Australia, Canada and Cyprus and as you read this one of mini bars is currently travelling around the world in an overland camper!

We have also recently introduced fire extinguishers and ammo tins into our range and have some more exciting plans in the pipeline - so watch this space!....